Centre Stables Horse Boarding Facility

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Quotes I am constantly reflecting upon how I can make Centre Stables a better home for our equines. Three people expressed their gratitude with phrases like: "these were the best years of her life; she 'trusted' you guys - even on her death bed, when she should have been panicky she was calm and content; we couldn't have asked for a better home; she only colicked once in 14 years here, when at home she was a regular 1-2 times a year colicker; it might be a little while, but we will be back with a horse." It reassures me that all those hours working to build a better facility, nurturing an ill horse, and doing things perfectly for the healthy ones, has really paid off :-) When I market/advertise CS I try to convey, in print, these emotions that have become more frequently evoked from our boarders, so that new people can understand what we can do for them and their horse; I'm glad to see we've reached a few individuals. It is comforting to know that what I've been striving to create: .... Quotes
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