Centre Stables Horse Boarding Facility

Full Service Boarding Stable

Boarding - What We Provide

  • Daily Stall Cleaning with fresh bedding (sawdust)
  • Daily Turnout with hand walking to and from pastures
  • Clean Water Buckets
  • Mineral blocks in each stall
  • Oats 
  • Owners to provide commercial feeds and supplements
  • Bi-monthly de-worming
  • Hay in pasture as needed
  • Daily inspection of all horses
  • Fly spray as needed (owner provides)

For a fee, we will:
  • Manage blanketing
  • Farrier services
  • Veterinary services


Daily turn-out to pastures: Horses are hand-walked to and from the pastures. New horses are introduced to all of their new pasture-mates individually prior to being turned-out with the entire herd. Mares and geldings are in separate pastures in most cases.  Summer months the horses are turned out at night, and during the winter months they are turned out during the day. We provide hay outside in the pastures as needed. 



Bi-monthly de-worming: De-wormers are rotated so as to kill the parasites at the opportune time of their life-cycle.  The entire herd is done at the same time and is included in the price of board.


Feeding: Oats and hay come with the board price.  Feeding is done twice a day. Commercial bagged feed can be purchased from Tyrone Milling (senior, sweet feeds, Legends and Triple Crown).  The stable manager orders for the stable approximately every 4-6 weeks.  We will feed any supplements that the owner supplies, and owners can supply their own feed as well.  

Water:   In the cold months ice is dumped out and their bucket is filled twice a day with warm water.  In the warm months the buckets are scrubbed out daily, filled with cold water and dumped when necessary.  Water is also available in the pastures.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment: A manager is present at all veterinary visits so as to record the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.  We can therefore assist with your horse's medical needs over the duration of his/her recovery.  This fee-based service includes but isn't limited to eye ointments, applying topical creams, wrapping wounds, administering shots, etc.  

Yearly vaccinations and dental care are done during March-May by Centre Equine Practice.








Blanketing: If blanketing is required, we will do general maintenance such as checking straps and re-adjusting. We will manage blanket care (change blanket weights/type on a regular basis, based on the weather) for a fee.   


Farrier: Local farriers, Chris Doyle and Alan Barnett come to Centre Stables on a regular basis.   We don't mind outside farriers coming in to work. If your horse needs assistance with the farrier, we can handle the details for a fee.

Riding Arenas

Outdoor Riding Arena: The outdoor fenced arena is 100 x 200 ft with all weather footing.  

Both arenas have dressage letters posted and there are jumps, barrels, and other items to utilize while riding.

Indoor Riding Arena:  The indoor is 60 x 120 ft and was resurfaced in May 2009 with sand and rubber footing. 


Miles of trails: Our trails are AMAZING!!  The trails vary in level from easy to moderate difficulty; the ride can be half an hour to several hours.  Trails are marked and well groomed.  We have a few different routes to travel within the woods and it can be possible to get lost, so it is advisable to have a guide the first time out or take a trail map.

Judged Pleasure Trail and Arena Rides

Centre Stables is hosting Judged Pleasure Trail and Arena Rides.  6 miles and 6 obstacles on a judged pleasure ride, or 8 obstacles judged in the arena.  Come ride for a great cause--20% of entry fees will go to an equine rescue or therapeutic program.  We have donated to Horses of Hope, Hands on Therapeutic Riding and Victory Therapeutic Horsemanship.  Come on out and have some fun! Check out our events page for all the details.


Barn Manager & Riding Instructor: 
Denise Combs -  Contact: 814-883-0086
USPC Ratings Certified Examiner
Events Manager & Riding Instructor: 
Stephanie Dobiss -  Contact: 814-931-0360
CHA Equine Facility Manager certified at Level 4.
CHA Riding Instructor certified at Level 4 English and Level 2 Western.
For more information about requirements needed to earn achieved level, visit the CHA website.

Riding Lessons

Riding lessons:  Centre Stables has 2 on-site instructors.  See our Lessons page for more details.

Blanket Cleaning & Repair


Are you avoiding getting those dirty blankets cleaned? Just bag them up and get them returned clean and ready for the next blanket season.

$25 Med to Heavy weight blankets

$15 Sheets and coolers

        10% off for 5 or more blankets


Don't throw away that torn up blanket! A simple repair can keep that expensive blanket in use. Big or small, in most cases, it can be repaired.


$10-20 Large Patch or Tear

$5-10 Small Patch or Tear

Replacement straps and hardware contact me for prices

Blankets must be clean before repairs can be made, in most cases.

Contact me for blanket cleaning and repair [email protected] 814-931-0360


Equine Massage Therapist

Massage therapy: Karen Zelinsky-Kite, licensed horse massage therapist - lives minutes from Centre Stables.  She is popular up and down the east coast. Karen works locally, all over Pa, and occasionally out-of-state from Pa to Ocala, Fl and states in-between.  Her clients range from the backyard pony to horses in top dressage and jumping shows.  Contact: 814-692-8509.


Oak stalls with bars and sliding doors are cleaned daily, bedded with sawdust and have mats over-top of a concrete or clay base. 


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Mission Statement

Centre Stables provides full service boarding care for horses, along with riding lessons and educational programs for horse owners and the general public.

Centre Stables provides a safe and secure environment for the horse and rider.

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